Anoraks Off-road Club at Thamesmead 26 July 1998

The first Anorak meeting I attended was at Thamesmead, just south of the river in London. The 300 acre site provides some good challenges for both novices and experts. We met up with ten others near the Dartford Crossing and made our way to the site in convoy to claim our club discount.

At first there were a series of dry and dusty climbs and descents, which tested the strength of her chassis as we grounded and towbar as we scraped. No damage done, just a new angle for the rear step, we moved on to some more bumpy terrain, resulting in her sills being used as crumple zones. My first experience of being recovered followed our see-saw impression, all wheels off the ground.

Daisy off-road Daisy off-road (Click on the thumbnails to see larger images - thanks to David Harrison for pictures).
Then we got to the mud. I repaid the favour of being towed by pulling my rescuer out of the mud and then a small lake when he tried an alternate route. Landy power! (Picture by Simon Banks). Daisy towing

Daisy proved herself more than able in the gooey stuff, refusing to get stuck at the above location and then swimming through a long bog run. Finally she impressed both myself and the others present by making a hill climb look far easier than it was. To quote a fellow anorak - 'It was wild watching the LWB crest that hill'.

Daisy in line A good day had by all! (Picture by Simon Banks).

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