Anoraks Off-road Club at Thamesmead 30 August 1998

Our second visit to Thamesmead saw some new anoraks come along, but sadly not everyone from the previous trip could make it. As the t-shirts were dished out we began to look even more like a club.

Daisy climbing a cliff The format was similar, starting with climbs and descents, once again finding the limits of a LWB. This time I had my side-protection bars fitted to prevent further damage to the sills. Although the gearbox needs work, we managed to make it round without too much trouble - my passenger acting as a heavy duty detent spring. The handbrake decided to come out in sympathy, occasionally refusing to dis-engage - fortunately just an overdose of mud. Lunchtime lineup

Daisy in the bog 1 Daisy in the bog 2 Daisy in the bog 3 Once again the bog run claimed some victims, but Daisy took to it like a Land Rover to water.

Seaweed aftermath After pulling off the worst of the seaweed we moved on to the last of the day's obstacles. Some deep ruts led to an even deeper hole. Few made it through without a tow. The occasional cracked number plates were a bad omen for Lyndon's Discovery. Digging in

Fellow Anoraks

John Sagar stuck John Sagar's Nissan was the first victim of the bog. As I climbed onto his bonnet to unwrap his rope from the bullbar, I made stern warnings on what would happen if I fell in. Tony Bartels was the next victim, his Rangey stalling as he got stuck. Tony stalls
To the rescue As Lyndon's Disco backed up to the rescue, the Anorak remake of Ben Hur was produced. Fortunately Tony got started before anyone went swimming. Ben Hur leaves
Geoff takes it easy Geoff decided to take the bog as slow as possible, the Forduki once again failing to get stuck. Ian and his playbus were equally close to unstoppable. Here comes the playbus
Oops At the final hole Lyndon tried to avoid getting stuck by going up the side, not through the ruts. Unfortunately, the plan didn't quite work, and the prize for most damage was soon awarded. Ouch ouch ouch

Another day of fun, with the Anoraks.

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