Anoraks Off-road Club at Battle 18 October 1998

Our return to Battle saw a change in conditions from the previous visit, a month of cold, wet weather had turned the mud into Slip 50, the slipperiest substance known to Anoraks. There were 10 this time - Lyndon & Disco, Jamie & 110, Simon & Jeep, Pete & SIII, Ian & Playbus, Jag & Daisy, Geoff & Forduki, Steve & 101, Jennie & Suzuki and Dave & Jeep. If all the Anoraks that have been to any of the meets were to turn up at the same time, we could take over one of these sites!

Anorak Team Photo
Anorak Team Photo
Lyndon, Jamie, Simon, Pete, Ian, Jag, Geoff, Steve, Jennie, Dave

We could tell we were in for fun - the track down to the tea hut alone proved too much for some non-Anoraks! Repeated warnings were made as we paid, telling us of slippery surfaces and dangerous cambers. The stuff that days of fun are made of.

We took things easy at first. Pete's front tyres weren't as good as he would have liked and he tempted fate with the challenge that the first person to get stuck would be getting the pints in. Yes, you guessed it, he was the first to get stuck. Daisy and I pulled him out (more than once) but he repaid the favour later in the day. Splash!
What bow wave? Here comes Daisy Stuck Help How far did I get Pete?
Push harder! 101 to the rescue Then we got stuck. We found a long, deep trench, with very high sides, deep ruts and lots of water and mud. Geoff made it through, so we decided to follow. We managed about three quarters of the way when the diff grounded out just before the back wheels could pull us over a log.
Nearly free So we ended up with four wheels spinning and a very stuck Daisy. Fortunately, Steve had a winch on his 101, so he hooked up, tied himself to Ian's playbus to avoid pulling himself in behind us, and out we came.
After lunch we went back to bomb hole full of mud to play.
In the words of Lyndon - 'Mud. I want mud. Mud, mud, mud. I love mud!'
Off to play Splash! Mud, glorious mud
Oops Eventually we were chucked off the site, not being locked in this time. A few of us had a little damage - I had a repositioned sill protection bar (but it did protect the sills!) Nothing too dramatic though - after all, if you cannot risk a little you should leave your car locked in the garage.

Fellow Anoraks

Dave showing that if at first he doesn't succeed, he will try, try and try again. Almost... ...have another go
Jennie getting a little close to a towing Dave, and then playing in mud. Careful Beware - rhinos at play
Steve proving that it is possible to get through the trench that I couldn't. Our thanks to him for saving the reputation of Land Rovers everywhere. Steve's 101 Steve's 101

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