Anoraks Off-road Club at Thamesmead 29 November 1998

Our third visit to Thamesmead found very different conditions from the former dry and dusty desert that we knew so well. Dry trenches were now rivers and mud and water was everywhere to be seen. The Anoraks were in their element.

Anorak Team Photo
Anorak Team Photo
Jennie, Roman, Lyndon, Geoff, Pete, Simon, Jag

The early birds met at the Stakis and then set off for the site in convoy. We met for the first time Roman in his well equipped Discovery, along with old friends Pete, Simon, Jennie and Geoff. At the site we met up with Lyndon and new additions Mark and Nick, who disappeared into the wilderness with another group. Meanwhile, we took advantage of the tea van until we could find a marshal, served by Hayden's new friend. Tea up Colin
Fancy a swim Jen? Watch out for that iceberg! We followed our marshal around the course, starting off with the easier challenges. It was soon obvious that a lot of the day was going to be spent getting wet. As always, Jennie makes it look so easy.
Dive, Dive, Dive Mud, glorious mud Geoff made it look just as easy (in fact it was). However, he also made it look a lot muddier.
Sadly, the Forduki failed to be quite as unstoppable as we are used to, being less waterproof than a submarine. Seeing Geoff stuck in the river was an entertaining sight for us all. The Anoraks truly are a bunch of piss-takers! Snorkel, anyone?

As the day passed more Anoraks, old and new, arrived. Dave turned up with a friend in another Jeep and Paul arrived in his SIII. Geoff and Lyndon continued their battle for most muddy Anorak, Lyndon being sporting enough to help Geoff to victory. Lyndon then got himself well and truly stuck, giving the marshals a chance to show off just how useless they were. So we escaped the marshals and headed off on our own, darkness adding to the difficulty of the obstacles.

Nearly made it Although Daisy performed well, getting stuck once and failing a couple of climbs, it was an unlucky day for her. After failing one climb I managed to reverse into a tree, denting the roof-rack and smashing the rear work- light. Then she wouldn't start until we discovered a loose wire and found a cracked exhaust at the same time. Ship ahoy
Daisy on top form But what do I expect? Treating the poor girl like that, throwing her over hills and into bogs? It's good fun though, well worth it. If you've got a 4x4 and have never got it muddy, it's high time you did! Once again, another great day out with the Anoraks. Oops!

Repeat after me, in your best Fast Show off-roader voice...
Hayden the fleece bearer
...the fleece, the famous fleece.

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