Anoraks Off-road Club at Battle 15 October 2000

Moo! Daisy's first outing for a very long time was also her first trip sporting her new paint job. As usual we arrived early at the site. The weather had been very wet and it was immediately obvious that this was going to be a very muddy day indeed. We booked in, paid the slightly higher entrance fee and drank coffee waiting for someone else to turn up. Meanwhile non-Anoraks gave us strange looks, something to do with me driving a cow, I suspect. Daisy goes Moo!
Start as you mean to go on Pete and Niall, Anorak newbies, arrived in their Range Rover. They had spotted the other Anoraks sitting down to breakfast so, assuming they would be some time, we decided to have a little explore. The ruts were very rutty indeed. We decided to warm up the ropes and get in some recovery practice as we would be putting them to good use later on. Honest. We hadn't got stuck at all. It just looked like it - our practice session was very authentic! I'm stuck!
Help, I need a winch Finally the CB crackled into life and the Anoraks had arrived. We went back to the signing-in hut to meet up. Everyone paid up and greetings made we hit the ruts again. Our previous exploration had prepared us and we climbed out of the ruts before the worst bits. Meanwhile Lyndon was popping off his 10psi tyres. Unfortunately some very deep ruts caught the Rangey and it took some nifty winching from Justin in his 101 to rescue them. How do I get out of here then?
I think it used to be red We moved on to the bomb holes, by which point Lyndon had sorted his tyres. Most of us took one look at the mud and sensibly decided to stick to spectating. However, Lyndon demonstrated that you haven't had a good day if you can still tell what colour your vehicle is by the end of it. We then moved on to the perimeter route, my favourite part of Battle. Challenging and scenic but not too 'sticky'.
After watching Geoff, Lyndon, Heidi and Martin swimming in a water run that had caught me out on a previous trip - Geoff winning the broken prop award after breaking, yes, you guessed it, his rear prop - we decided to take a safe route. Unfortunately the safe route was far from easy, each of us taking turns to get stuck and then recover the person behind. We developed an interesting technique with Martin, his SIII hooked to mine and Pete and Niall's Rangey hooked on to the back of me, snatching and pulling our way up the hill together to save time.
We got to the top and as we regrouped Martin showed off his break dancing ability by nose diving into a hole, narrowly avoiding a roll. With Lyndon towing Geoff out we headed for the exit and home. A quick jet wash we said goodbye. Pete and Niall were well and truly addicted to the Anorak life. My mission accomplished I headed for home and a nice hot bath to remove the deer poo. Whoops!

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