Laning nr Leatherhead 18 February 2001

Daisy goes swimming
At last a chance to get the new rubber wet!

With new Bronco Dirt Devil tyres eager to prove themselves, it was a sad day when we heard that Battle was opening later than usual in 2001. Unable to wait, we decided to go laning with some friends, a chance to practice before we next met the Anoraks.

We headed for some lanes near Leatheread. Most of the lanes were on National Trust land so we had no landowners to upset. Besides, we did our best to tread lightly, travelling in a small group. With the new tyres there was no manic spinning of wheels or rut digging, we just slowly plodded through. Here are some pictures of our exploits.

Mmm, mud First mud of the year Getting wet 1 MPEG Video
Getting wet 2 MPEG Video
Daisy lets off steam Daisy lets off some steam after getting wet
Swim for your lives Pete gets wet Swim for your lives And again Hold on tight And then gets tippy
MPEG Video

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JAG 24th September 2001

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