Anoraks at Battle 23 September 2001

Sadly Daisy was still in the garage having her brakes repaired for this event. So instead we went along and filled up passenger seats. My thanks to Martin and Sam and Paul's to Alex.

Bomb Hole 1

Wet Definitely wetter this month Lyndon stuck Lyndon gets stuck
Go Alex Alex shows him how it's done... Alex Paul ...and rewards himself and Paul with a mud bath
Homer2 Paul's brakes die and try to take the gearbox with them
Martin Martin and Sam show how easy it is... Martin Martin a Landy
G-Stuck The G-Wagen gets stuck Martin Martin plays on.

Bomb Hole 2

Martin makes it look all too easy
Here we come Splash Mind the step You can do it Success!
So Alex joins in...
Arrgh Tidal wave Up up and away Tide mark least Martin has doors!

The Bog Run

Get ready Splosh Martin has a go...
Oh dear Where is that winch? OUCH! Mudbound ...and gets very stuck
Under the bonnet There's a radiator and fan in there somewhere No winching Not even the winch could help Pull! G-Wagen to the rescue

Award Winners

Repairs underway Geoff receives Broken Prop Award
Stuck again and again G-Wagen wins Tried Hardest To Get Stuck Award
The wildlife Deer win Least Likely To Get Stuck Award

Back to Daisy and the Anoraks.

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JAG 24th September 2001

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