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Using a High Lift as a Winch

Pictures and text by Neil Harvey

The HiLift jack. The chain (any convenient length) with a coupling link at each end. Two Kuplex narrow jaw shackles joined to chain grab hooks by short lengths (5 links in my case but as long as it's an ODD number).
The jack with base plate removed and the shackle/grab hook assemblies fitted: one to the bottom of the rack, the other to the lifting toe.
Jack anchored at the top of the rack, chain attached to load, and grab hook on toe engaged on chain and ready to pull. NOTE jack handle is only in this position to aid positioning for picture.
At end of first pull, with lifting mechanism at top of rack. Rack mounted grab hook is engaged on chain to hold load prior to releasing tension on lifting mechanism.
Shows rack mounted grab hook holding load, toe mounted grab hook disengaged, and lifting mechanism ready to be returned to bottom of rack.
Shows lifting mechanism at bottom of rack, toe mounted grab hook re-engaged on chain and ready to take the strain for second pull.

The pictures show the use of 10mm lifting chain and fittings because it's what I had to hand at the time. I have since replaced this with a longer length of 7mm chain and associated fittings. The factor of safety is quite substantial, and it means I can carry more length for a similar weight and bulk.

Neil Harvey

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