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Collecting Midgie

The first surprise was opening the garage and seeing what good condition the MG was in.
The second was how easy it was to get it out, no siezed brakes, no flat tyres, no hassle.
Getting the trailer lined up was a bit more like hard work,
but with the help of two colleagues it was easily done.
The small hand winch was not quite enough to get the MG up the ramp.
So we had to help it a little.
With slippery shoes on wet slippery cobbles,
that's easier said than done.
But it was still a pretty simple job.
Soon loaded and secured.
Which was more than the jockey wheel, as we discovered when trying to hook-up.
Good thing I'd brought along the trolley jack, 'just in case'.
Hooked up and secure.
Ready for the ride home.
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JAG 23 January 2006