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1980 MGB GT 1800


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18th July 1980 -0 months Ordered from M.L.P. Hartswell Ltd Mazda in Plymouth by Mr J Kingdom.

It seems strange that a brand new MG was ordered through a Mazda dealer, who had it registered with the local MG dealer on delivery. However, looking at the first service invoice suggests this may have been a company car, and perhaps it was ordered from the same place as other cars.

The order included 500 of accessories, I'm not sure what they were exactly, but some or all of that went towards ServoGlide electric windows and Ziebart Rustproofing. The electric windows are fantastic, they have magnetic access covers and an emergency crank handle kept in the glovebox should power fail. Obviously cutting edge!

Total purchase price - 6121.85
1st August 1980 -0 months First registered - ACO 71W
26th August 1980 1,2291 month 1,000 mile service at Mumfords
Extra jobs requested:
Adjust o/s wiper arm
Rectify engine pinking & running on
Rectify brake warning light
Check on road test:
1) Brakes poor
2) Noisy on road 70 / 80 mph
3) Number plates rattle
Total cost - 10.83

The service was booked by J&M Tailoring Ltd, which is where I get my suspicion that this was a company car.
29th September 1980 4,1282 months 3,000 mile service at Mumfords
The service plus a paintwork inspection cost 12.07

This service was booked by Mr J Kingdom, so it was still in his hands, so I wonder if he was the J in J&M Tailoring. Note the service was a bit late!
4th November 1980 -3 months Only 3 months old and she changes hands. Now registered to Elizabeth Whitaker, Elburton, Plymouth.
22nd April 1981 7,3118 months 6,000 mile service at Mumfords
Cost 44.54
3rd July 1981 9,28211 months 9,000 mile service at Mumfords
Ms Whitaker also complained that the o/s/f 1/4 window glass was loose in frame, so the total cost was 15.44.
6th July 1981 9,31111 months Fit brake pads at Mumfords
Cost 21.46
25th July 1988 11,4597 years 11 months MOT and RAC Pre-sale Inspection
The MG appears to have been off the road for some time, only 2,148 miles covered in the last 7 years, although it remained registered to Ms Whitaker.
11th August 1988 -8 years Registered by Colin Gwyer
This is my father. He purchased the car with the aim of using it if he retired and returned to live in the UK (he lives in Switzerland). It was stored in a garage next door to his sister's house, only venturing out once a month, driven by his brother-in-law to the end of the drive and back to roll the tyres, and once a year for an MOT.
16th August 1988 11,4708 years 12,000 mile service
Carried out by The MG Enthusiast - Codmore Hill Garage.
25th July 1989 11,7168 years 11 months MOT
22nd August 1989 11,7659 years RAC valuation inspection - 8,750
This was for insurance purposes
2nd May 1990 -9 years 8 months Cherished Transfer Registered - CG 1990 - a change of identity
17th July 1990 11,7939 years 11 months MOT and RAC valuation inspection - 8,950
22nd July 1991 11,84610 years 8 months MOT
9th August 1991 11,84611 years RAC valuation inspection - 8,950
17th August 1992 11,87812 years MOT & Ignition work
Fisher MG Services replaced points, Condensor, Rotor Arm, Distributor Cap, HT leads and Air Filters at a cost of 88.83
3rd August 1993 11,89713 years MOT
9th August 1994 11,90814 years MOT
This is the last time she was properly run. Soon after, my father's brother-in-law, Norman, passed away. She stayed in the garage after that.
10th December 2005 -25 years 4 months Changes hands again - now registered to Jonathan Gwyer
Me! Collected by trailer and towed down to Whitstable. Covered up until the garage is cleared out and waiting for me to start work.
13th May 2006 11,93125 years 9 months MOT following full return to life service
Full service, with new fuel pump and hoses, new brake hoses and rear wheel cylinders, new battery, new cooling hoses, you name it. She's back to life and being used!
5th May 2007 12,27126 years 9 months MOT
Passed with flying colours, as she should considering we only managed 340 miles in the last year.
12th May 2008 12,998 27 years 9 months MOT
Yes, you guessed it, passed again!
24th December 2008 13,400 28 years 4 months Change of registration, back to ACO 71W
22nd January 2009 13,625 28 years 5 months Registered to Tony Amos
Sadly, lack of space, time and money forces sale. She goes away to be cherished and driven.
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