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A few useful links, along with an excellent guide to winching with a high lift.

Off-Road Excursions and other events

Anoraks Logo
Most of our off-road trips have been with the Anoraks - a group formed by the regulars of Apart from getting together on the newsgroup, they arrange meets to go off-roading together.
Here you can read my reviews of the meets and see pictures of our antics by following the links below.

Meanwhile, I have given up the mud-plugging lifestyle and moved on to something faster, in the guise of playing with MGs. I'm getting a bit more handy with the socket set, and certainly spending more money!



With Geoff:
Rusper June 2006New!
Borden 2006New!
Slab November 2005New!

Penny Spring Farm (Detling) 13 October 2002 (not Anorak)
Farewell Daisy 17 August 2002 (not Anorak)
The Last Battle 14 July 2002
Woodlands 4 November 2001 (not really Anorak)
Battle 23 September 2001 (no Daisy)
Battle 4 & 5 August 2001
Penny Spring Farm (Detling) 27 May 2001 (barely-Anorak)
The last school run 18 May 2001 (non-Anorak, no mud!)
Laning nr Leatherhead 18 February 2001 (non-Anorak)
Battle 15 October 2000
The Last Thamesmead 27 June 1999
Xmas Bash and Laning 19-20 December 1998
Thamesmead 29 November 1998
Battle 18 October 1998
Battle 20 September 1998
Thamesmead 30 August 1998
Thamesmead 26 July 1998
Whitbread Hop Farm 13 September 1997 (non-Anorak)

Myrtle when first bought

Myrtle in Development

Taking a trip down memory lane, to the latest Anoraks site, I realised that Myrtle is now in the (probably not safe) hands of Geoff, so I can continue keeping an eye on her.

In the meantime, I have a new MG obsession.
Sold Myrtle - no time, no money and an impending divorce forced her sale. -6001055
Road Tax ready for sale.901655
Service and MOT - new starter motor, new rear shocks, new front brake pipes, fix leaking rear axle. 4901565
Axle & Gearbox breathers.301075
New set of Bosch HT leads - easy to get hold of (Halfords!) and cheap enough to replace frequently. Also fixed LT lead problems caused by loom resting on exhaust manifold!251045
Weber Conversion - one of the original carburettors was shot. Not having any lying about, it was decided that the long term benefits (more power!) and easier set-up (easier MOTs, more like) make this a worthwhile conversion.6001020
Full service & MOT, including replacement of front diff, rear lights and some wiring.900420
Waterproof seat covers (Argos specials!)20-480
Sold Daisy-1150-500
25th July - Bought Myrtle. Steve spotted Myrtle's advert in the AutoTrader at about 8am. By lunchtime she had been bought and was in the garage having a service, MOT and any repair work carried out. She is a bobtailed 1976 Range Rover, with a 3.9l V8 engine from an EFI (but with the original carburettor set-up). She already had a snorkel and steering guard. 650650
Myrtle's front
Note: anything complicated - I've just paid someone else to do it!
Myrtle's back

Daisy when first bought

Daisy History


Sold Daisy August 17th - a few days before her ad appeared in LRO - that was a month of phone calls!
Rewired Kenlowe - soldering rather than trusting crimp connectors.
Stripped down Kenlowe. The four bushes were clogged with mud and only one was making vague contact. This is a really fiddly job that requires about 15 fingers!
Replaced timing belt (it snapped at the end of 2001).
Replaced fuel pump
Snapped timing belt, driving home after a heavy session at Woodlands.
Fitted a Kenlowe electric fan - excellent! (for a while)
Removed bent sill bars
Replaced radiator (in a field drinking beer)
Bought hi-lift jack
Fitted a cow horn(!)
Replaced tyres with Bronco Dirt Devils
Bought a bridle and more shackles from David Bowyer's Off Road Centre
Waxoyled the chassis (again)
Snapped timing belt and rebuilt the engine
Removed sills
Applied cow pattern paint job
Fitted new 'deluxe' vinyl seats from BLRS
Removed roof rack and top spots to improve off-road clearance
General interior tart-up
Broke and replaced front-diff
Rebuilt engine for MOT
Replaced gearbox
Fitted side-protection bars from Bristol 4x4 - didn't last long :(
Replaced tyres with General SAGs
Installed a CB radio
Became a hardened Anorak
Bought a recovery rope and shackles from David Bowyer's Off Road Centre
Fitted two 100w and two 55w spots - must be scared of the dark
Joined the Series III Owners Club
Waxoyled the chassis (and myself)
Daisy when first bought I bought her!
Daisy is a 1982 Land Rover Series III 109" Hard Top. She was originally owned by the electricity board who sold it to a local Landy specialist. He replaced her petrol engine with a 2.5l diesel and fitted free wheeling hubs, an overdrive and the roof rack. Sadly her capstan winch was removed. The next owner repainted her and fitted an alarm and stereo.
Note: anything complicated - I've just paid someone else to do it!

Daisy's sad egotistical moment...

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